Aly Sullivan’s senior year is turned on end when she meets teen rock star, Jacob Roman, and his family on a summer vacation in Mexico. All of this would make the perfect backdrop for romance, if she didn’t just catch her boyfriend with his tongue down some chick’s throat. But Aly is determined not to disrupt her life for a known player like Jacob, even if he splashes color into her tidy black and white world. She followed her heart once and it ended up broken.

Lesson learned.

She’s going to get what she wants – to be an architect – no matter what, or who, crosses her path. SAT tests, AP exams and college applications are part of her plan, NOT the Grammy Awards, Jacob’s rabid fans or the paparazzi.

A friendship with Jacob’s brother continues after vacation ends, making it complicated to avoid Jacob, and her growing feelings. Falling in love is a risk Aly’s scared to take. Love is messy, and heartbreak is the certain outcome. With a guy like Jacob, who has girls throwing themselves at him, all bets are against her. As a future architect, Aly knows how to calculate chances, but some things can't be solved with a calculator and a keen mind. Maybe she'll have to trust her heart.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Teaser

I'm going to rejoin the living! For today's teaser I went with NORMAL again, and a little snip towards the beginning of the book.

Aly, her little sister Caitlin and Aly's best friend Jeana are hanging by the pool at a resort in Mexico on a family trip.

“What are you two staring at?” Jeana asked as she sat down on the edge dangling her feet into the water. “Ahh, cute guys.” Now only one boy was left standing on the deck; seconds later he jumped in the pool splashing the others. Jeana turned her attention back to Aly and Caitlin and smiled. “Let’s go talk to them, just say hi?”

“Jeana, those aren’t just any guys. Look again.” {Aly is speaking here}

Jeana stared more closely at them, “Well, If I didn’t have a boyfriend I would say that one over there was unbelievably hot, but I have a boyfriend. You could though Aly, so let’s go meet them.” She continued to check them out when recognition shone in her eyes. “Holy shit! Is that the Romans?”

“Yeah,” Caitlin said dreamily.

“We’ve got to go over there. Come on!” She said, clamoring to her feet.

Caitlin’s head whipped to the side to look at Jeana. “No way, are you crazy?”

“Are you? I’ve seen your room, you’re totally into them. Here’s your chance, come on.” Jeana leaned down and splashed water at her.

“No way. I’m out of here.” Caitlin shook her head at Jeana. She walked up the stairs out of the pool to their chairs and started toweling off.

“Your loss,” Jeana called after her.

“Leave her alone, she’d pass out if she came face to face with Tommy or Taylor or whatever their names are," Aly said.

“The twins are Tommy and Tanner. The ones our age are Jacob and Andrew.” She clapped her hands together and said, “You and me then. Let’s go.”

“I’m good. You go ahead.”

“Don’t be lame.”

Aly glared at her. “I’m not lame, you’re just obsessed with finding me a guy.”

“Lame. These aren’t just guys, they’re the most famous guys in the country right now. I think it’s worth you getting out of your funk for.”

“It’s not a funk.”

“It’s the very definition of a funk. You haven’t done anything fun since Paul.”

Aly’s stomach clenched at the mention of his name. She looked at Jeana severely from the top of her eyes. “It’s only been a month. Besides, I wouldn’t call going all squealing fangirl on some rock star types; fun.”

“Come on! Let’s just go meet them. I’m not asking for you to fall in love. Have some fun Aly.”

Aly climbed out of the pool and joined Caitlin at the chairs. She squeezed a little water from her long dark hair, grabbed an elastic from the table and pulled her hair back into a pony tail. “I am having fun.” The stubborn way she said this made it clear she wasn’t convinced herself. She laughed quietly. “Fine, maybe I’m not succeeding, but I’m trying.”

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