Aly Sullivan’s senior year is turned on end when she meets teen rock star, Jacob Roman, and his family on a summer vacation in Mexico. All of this would make the perfect backdrop for romance, if she didn’t just catch her boyfriend with his tongue down some chick’s throat. But Aly is determined not to disrupt her life for a known player like Jacob, even if he splashes color into her tidy black and white world. She followed her heart once and it ended up broken.

Lesson learned.

She’s going to get what she wants – to be an architect – no matter what, or who, crosses her path. SAT tests, AP exams and college applications are part of her plan, NOT the Grammy Awards, Jacob’s rabid fans or the paparazzi.

A friendship with Jacob’s brother continues after vacation ends, making it complicated to avoid Jacob, and her growing feelings. Falling in love is a risk Aly’s scared to take. Love is messy, and heartbreak is the certain outcome. With a guy like Jacob, who has girls throwing themselves at him, all bets are against her. As a future architect, Aly knows how to calculate chances, but some things can't be solved with a calculator and a keen mind. Maybe she'll have to trust her heart.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

I want to post a Teaser, but I have been working on a major spoiler area this week and I'm having a hard time finding something that doesn't scream "alien invasion Earth goes KABOOM" kind of thing.  Well, not quite that since NORMAL has neither aliens or elements of kaboom.  Maybe I need some?  So, what I am left with is a small snippet.

Thanks as always for checking it out!

Sitting in the restaurant it felt strange that the rest of the world continued on while their lives were so out of control. Aly watched as lovers held hands and smiled at each other over meals, people celebrated birthdays and families joined together for happy occasions.  She found their joy to be powerful and attractive.  She eagerly clapped and sang along as the servers carried a cake to a nearby table, singing Happy Birthday as they went.  She hoped it would spark something inside her, some fleeting moment of enjoyment but only a deep numbness filled her, protecting her from the other darker feelings that shared space.  She looked at Andrew and caught him staring at Tanner’s wheelchair and tapping his fingers on his cast absent-mindedly.  Both served as a visual reminder of the scars healing inside them all.

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